Mr Murphy has developed a workshop that is enlightening for people of all walks of life. In other words it is a "Clowning" workshop dedicated to self improvement applicable to anyone, anytime. Clowning is about humanity, communications skills, self-esteem, self confidence and skill development.
This workshop offers an opportunity to explore what is innately funny about ourselves. Improvisation exercises done in a safe and supportive atmosphere will take us past our familiar habits to find those idiosyncratic quirks that make for good character development. These wonderful quirks are valuable for developing solid original performance material or just plain confidence in everyday life. This engaging improvisation workshop develops skills for effective communication. Participants are invited to explore barriers that keep them closed in and unable to reach out to others.
Participants become better observers - of others and themselves. The improvisations reveal different aspects of ourselves and other people that we may not be aware of and that may even be surprising. Expectations about others are often wrong and just the realization of this can lead us to being less fearful and judgmental.
The group improvisations will create trust within the group and build relationships. The goal is to use up our habitual behaviors (in a fun and light hearted way) until we are left no more choices. Then the discovery begins. When that happens we have the opportunity to experiment with new and unfamiliar behavior.

Examples of past offerings
Lecture Demo
A 60 to 90 minute talk and demonstration covering the ideas of what comprises stage clowning; what is the genesis and the possible ways it is carried out. The class will include a video presentation and group participation.
Stage Clowning Workshop
A half-day workshop covering introduction to character development and discovering a personal clown or what is naturally funny about ourselves. It is a hands-on workshop requiring physicalization of ideas and some gentle acrobatics for the average person.

Intensive Clowning
A one day or multiple day customized hands-on workshop covering introduction to character development and discovering a personal clown or what is naturally funny about ourselves.
The Innate Comedian!

Teaching has played a large role in Mr. Murphy's career.
Some European residencies include:
The Aahrus Theater Akademy, Denmark
Comicodion in Kapfenberg, Austria
Festival der Träume in Innsbruck, Austria
Theater Haus in Stuttgart, Germany
Ecole Nationale du Cirque, Paris

At home he continues to conduct professional workshops at his barn/studio in Vermont.
Some notable places in the States where he has taught include:
Boston University Theater Institute
Ringling Bros Clown College (3 years)
MiniFest in Baltimore, Maryland
The Governor's Institute,Vermont

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